I get a Ribbon!

For nearly 10 years I had this “mole” on my face under my eye and near my nose.  I never really gave it much thought.  A co-worker of mine had the same thing and went to the doctor’s about it.  For her it was nothing but a mole.  They scrapped it off and in two weeks she was healed with the smallest of a red dot.  Taking her lead, I too went to the doctor.  For me, it wasn’t just a mole….it was the dreaded “C” word.  And two weeks later I was in for surgery.

My doctors and nurses were amazing.  But the surgery wasn’t.  Of course they numbed the area, easy enough and then they started the cutting.  Mohs surgery is simple.  They cut out the smallest amount of tissue needed to ensure that the tumor is removed.  It has a 99% survival rate and in just a few short hours you are cancer free.

First round cut, then waiting room wait for the microscope to determine if I still have cancer.  45 minutes later…round two.  Well, the doctor was so sure that he got it all during round two that he put in temporary stitches. Good thing they were temporary, because after another 45 minute wait in the lobby the stitches had to go to make room for round three.  Again, to the lobby to wait for results…and then round four.  After, round four the doctor went ahead and stitched me up while we waited for the results. It’s like it didn’t matter the results we were going to be done.  Found out why within 45 minutes.

He was 90% sure he got all the cancer but wanted me to go to an oncologist for radiation to be sure.  He had cut as far down as he could… that was not what I wanted to hear.  I wanted to hear that I was cancer free, not 90% sure I’m cancer free.  And the stitches and swelling are way more noticeable than the mole had been.

I get the stitches removed in a few days.  My nose is still numb as is a gooPost-surgeryd part of my face.  Its a strange feeling.  My cheek and eye feel like I’m pulling the skin really tight.  It hurts to yawn, sneeze and laugh too hard.  Which is the hardest part because I love to laugh. I am hoping that after time the tugged skin under my eye will loosen and I will get some feeling back in that area. Till then, my friend will walk in my honor at Relay for Life and I get a black ribbon.