Wish I understood

“Jesus walks right with us, and we are never alone!”

“Thanking the man above that gives me the strength to keep with it everyday!!”

“Celebrate all the things God has left for us to do”

IN a matter of minutes on my Facebook news feed I can find several of these post. I was raised in a household that allowed me to question everything…and I did.  Why the sky was blue, why the sun set in the west, where babies came from, and if all my loved ones are going to meet me in heaven what about the ones that went to hell…is there a visitation day?

My questions needed answering and as time went on, finding the answers lead me further from religion not closer. For every answer that was at least one more question raised. The more I learned the more I realized that the invisible man in the sky wasn’t listening to us and his “will” wasn’t always nice. I would rather do things my way and not hurt people than to do it “His” way and see people suffer.

I have learned that the root of religion is in the yearning to be with people like you…like minded, values, beliefs…so you don’t feel alone. Others who can understand your joys, sorrows, fears and worries. But isn’t that what family is for? People to celebrate accomplishments and team members to do the tasks too big for one person.

I have found that over the years there are few people that stick by you. Fewer that care about your accomplishments or sorrows. I believe that all people are good, that we don’t want to hurt others, that we are not all selfish. Now don’t get me wrong there are those out there that their happiness is above all others, and to them I say, “and it harm none do what ye will”.

Never should your beliefs, desires, happiness ever harm or take away from a others. If your religion says to hurt others, deny them freedom to find happiness, or restrict what makes them happy but doesn’t hurt others, then your religion needs a new mission statement.

All my decision are mine, as yours are yours. My accomplishments are because I worked hard…not His will. My disappoints are because of my choices…not His plan. I would never ask for strength seeing as the only way to build muscle is to put more strain on them and tear them down before they rebuild. If you want to ask the universe for something ask for wisdom, knowledge and common sense.


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My favorite things to discuss are the three taboo topics that are not to be brought up in conversation...Religion, sex and politics!!

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