Updated from 5 years ago!

So funny!  As I read through posts from years ago I came across this little post about how there was no way that the GOP was crazy enough to allow Donald Trump on the Rpublican ticket.  And now, five years later not only is he on the ticket he is the current frontrunner for the nomination.

(Original post) “The Donald is Out”.  The first bit of good news to come from the GOP list of possible candidates…they aren’t crazy enough to allow Donald Trump to run for president.  But are the crazy enough to allow some of the others.

Currently on the possible list is:

Ron Paul–third times the charm?

Newt Gingrich–only if  His bitter intolerance for gays, Muslims, African Americans, poor people, immigrants, and others who do not look, think, and act like him appeals to you.

Gary Johnson–not if you are a W. supporter, he refused to endorse the former President.

Mitt Romney–if McCain isn’t running he has a good chance.

Tim Pawlenty–He is in with the working class, but falls short with the working poor or those on welfare…and believe it or not they vote in the general election.

Michele Bachman–can you say crazy?

Sarah Palin–still no word for Camp Palin as to whether she is willing to give up the big bucks for public service.

Herman Cain–the Republican answer to “its not a race thing why we hate Obama”

Fred Karger–doesn’t have a chance with Republicans…he is openly gay.

I do hope that the front runners are worthly of our time to investigate their stands and not just the “oppose of Obama” candidates.


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