When your Facebook is not read

I have posted funny memes, personal weekends, and posed questions to my group of friends and family on Facebook. The first item I don’t care if there are likes or not. The second one I would hope friends and family would like (I always like theirs, because they are sharing a part of themselves with me). The third one I really am looking for comments more than likes. When I pose a question it’s because I’m looking for an answer.

Over the last few months I have watched as the number of likes on the personal weekend photos have become less and less. My husband will post the same set of photos and get double digit likes. I can’t break five.

I asked a question the other day and received one like and no comments. Comments is what I was going for; likes not so much. But to receive zero comments on a question leads me to believe that my “friends and family” on Facebook aren’t at all interested in anything by feel good memes.

When I posed a real question…crickets!

I have decided that since Facebook no longer serves the purpose I was looking for, I’m going to back off the social media platform. I will continue to scroll through my friends and families post because I still care what they are doing, feeling and answer questions they might pose. I will, however, no longer be posting anything.


When did Political Correctness get a bad rap?

The first Amendment guarantees us the right to freedom of speech; but it doesn’t cover offensive language. Democracy is built on the right to free speech…media, opinions, protest, etc. We need that first Amendment to be able to maintain an open dialogue for the exchange of ideas from people with different viewpoints and backgrounds. So when did being PC get such a bad rap?

It seems to me, and I am a fan of PC, that using politically correct speech is merely just showing respect for other people. I wouldn’t want other people calling me racial slurs or offensive language, therefore, I refrain from doing the same. It’s like the Golden Rule for words.

The Golden Rule can be found in almost all religions and philosophies. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Simply enough. I wouldn’t want someone to see me and describe me as a “poor honkey bitch”. All of that seems unnecessary cruel. “White woman” would have worked just fine to describe me without using the offensive language.

Political Correctness is not something to be ashamed of. It happens over time, as a society evolves and realizes that there are words that have been hurtful and destructive. An advanced society, I would like to say “like ours”, has adopted PC because it is just plain wrong to call people names and expect them to react positively. If you really want change for something, you first have to understand other people’s viewpoints. How can anyone expect to do that when they are having insults hurled at them just because the other person has freedom of speech? With freedoms comes responsibilities, and do I dare say, a basic sense of human decency in choosing our words.

The next time someone tells you “I don’t give a shit about being PC”, ask them if they even know what it is.

Gun Control or Mental Health?

Original posted on my Facebook…

I have been reading LOTS of posts and comments about gun control, banning this gun or that gun, mental illness help, etc. that is brought up every time there is a mass shooting (which in this country is becoming a regular occurrence). There are those that say “it’s too soon to talk about it” and to them I say, so when is a good time? It needs to be when it’s at the forethought of our policy makers and the people, yet we have to ensure that it isn’t a knee jerk, emotional reaction to the problem.

Yes, many of the mass shooters have had mental illnesses and yet they obtained the firearm used in the shooting legally. Which suggest to me that the MANY laws we have on the books for gun control are in fact missing an important regulation. If the shooters had gotten the firearms illegally I would be with the “gun control isn’t the answer cause bad people will get them no matter the means”. But that isn’t the case, they are legally buying the firearms and ammo to boot. So there has to be some regulation that we’re missing.

Should we all start telling the FBI or local police about everything we see that we don’t agree with? There aren’t enough law enforcement in the country to deal with that kind of work load. And even if we had more law enforcement to investigate every tip what do they do with the information? There is information sharing in place, but obviously it isn’t being used. And even if it is being used, the rules as to what information can be used to determine the eligibility of someone to get a firearm legally doesn’t include anything that wasn’t a conviction of something.

We want to “save the children” without losing our adult rights. Ok…I get it. So what’s a good common sense solution. How about we up the age from 18 to 21. I haven’t seen any one disagree with that one. How about we require, not just for a concealed carry but for every purchase of a firearm, a safety class, a range class and a legal rights class? Any one against that? How about we put in a 14 day waiting period? So far nothing is in violation of the 2nd amendment. How about we make everyone take both a physical and mental exam…you know to make sure those that are exercising their 2nd amendment are in fact the “abled bodies” the founding fathers wrote about. These are just some ideas on how to keep the up and coming mass shooters from going to the store and legally buying a firearm and ammo while still not infringing on the rights of the American citizen.

This is a mental health issue, and a gun control issue, and an important issue that needs immediate review. What it isn’t is a time to take money from, advice from and direction from special interest. That time has passed.

Time for a change

I love my job, I love my family, I love my life but sometimes you just need a change of scenery. I’m not sure if it’s a vacation I need or it’s just time to rearrange the furniture.

I am starting with the furniture in my office. Trying to declutter the mess and change up the photos I look at all day long. I can feel my better changing, which is good. Now comes the harder part…the house.

The shape of the shotgun house doesn’t give a lot of room for movement. So I might have to get creative on how to make the changes. I really want to paint a wall in the house, but it’s a rental and the landlord put in the lease that I’m not allowed to paint the walls. So, I’m thinking a giant canvas over the wall so that I can paint it. But if that’s the case why not paint a mural! That sounds exciting.

Whatever I decide to do, I want…no need, to do it soon.

Today’s Debate

Is kneeling during the National Anthem disrespectful? Today’s debate on social media because of the coverage of the NFL players and owners that are kneeling or not standing or not evening coming out on the field.  Well here is one thought on the kneeling:IMG_6146So then, kneeling isn’t disrespectful at all. However, there is something going on the country that these people are concerned about and are sending out positive vibes into the universe for a full recovery? Recovery? That would suggest that at some point this “problem” wasn’t there. So if its racism or inequality that they are hoping the country recoveries from…well that would be so much as a recover as it would be a first time cure.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with protesting as long as its peaceful. How much more peaceful can you get than to just kneel or sit or stay away during something. This isn’t the first time there has been kneeling…MLK Jr. did it. This isn’t the first sit in either, 1961 Greensboro college students. At least there isn’t tiki torches, yelling, signs, or violence. Therefore, their kneeling, sitting, or staying in the locker rooms are all freedom to protest and covered by the First Amendment. So…that part is a non-starter. What we really need to be focused on and figuring out how to how is WHAT they are protesting.

They say it isn’t the flag, its not the veterans, its not the President…its the inequality and racism in the country. Now I’m not saying there isn’t all those things but I have to insist on definitions of the terms as they are being used here.

Inequality to gays? Females? Blacks? Immigrants? All minorities? If not all, which minorities? Married people? Single People? Gingers? I need more!!!

Racism against Blacks? Asians? All minorities? Some minorities? If a white guy is the only white guy in a company of 50 people doesn’t that make him the minority? Is it racism as a whole/ across the country? In pockets? In industries? I really need more!!!!

I need more information before I will pass my person opinion or judgement on the issue.

Remembering 9/11

I am torn on this topic. It has been 16 years since that fearful day when planes flew into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a field in PA. It’s one of those things where you know where you were and what you were doing when it happened. It’s not something that you need reminding of. I can still tell you where I was and what I was doing when the Challenger blow up…and we don’t have yearly reminders of that event.

We tell people when they lose a loved one that time will heal the hurt. Time doesn’t heal the hurt, time teaches you how to overcome the hurt and continue to live. We don’t generally relive the anniversary of the day a loved one died. We don’t post pictures, write articles or visit the grave annually. If you live nearby you might visit. Or if they were lost recently you might post something. But over time you learn to overcome the hurt and start to rebuild your life and start living again. I feel that reliving the anniversary of a loved ones funeral keeps the hurt alive and doesn’t allow you to move forward.

I have never understood those people that have “birthday” parties for the their dead loved one. Or release balloons in the air on the anniversary of the funeral. I feel that all it does is hold you back from living your life. I’m not saying don’t remember them. I remember my father everyday, not just on his birthday or the day he died, and everyday I try to live a life he would be proud of.

Reliving the tragedy of 9/11 every year just keeps the hurt and anger alive. We are just fueling the hatred against those that caused the pain. It’s as if the government and media want us to remember the hurt from 9/11 so we still have the rage for the “war on terrorism” that has now claimed five times the people and property than that one day in 2001. They want us to be okay with spending trillions of dollars on a war on a concept. We will not win a war on the concept of terrorism because it is too broad a concept. Freedom fighters and insurgences are the same group, just a different name depending on what side of the fighting you are standing on.

We need to remember but we also need to heal; we need to move forward and open our minds to the world. Not all Muslims are terrorist and not all terrorist are Muslims; we need to stop having the day thrown in our faces every 9/11; we need to start living our lives again.



Recycling…it isn’t that hard

Sometime in my high school career I started to really care about the planet and the affect we humans have on it. It might have been that science project I did where I deprived goldfish of light and they turned white and were itty bitty. I realized that I could have an effect on other things. And that is when I went from loving wildlife to wanting to protect it for what harms it….us and our need for disposable lifestyles.

All of my children’s lives I have been recycling. I have tried to teach them to separate the recyclable materials from the trash. What is recyclable, what is compostable, what is actual trash and what has to go to hazardous waste for disposal. Now, I have a job where that is what I do….I go around to all the 87 schools in our school district and make sure they have the tools they need to recycle the items the school district recycles.

I wish I could say that my children all recycle all recyclable materials, but that would be a lie. I am constantly catching them throwing away some recyclable material in trash can. So how I am to teach other people’s kids to recycle when the adults in their lives don’t.

I run on the precise that I touch the heart of at least one kid a year. That I spark the love of the planet in at least one of them. If so, that I am doing my job.

But really….recycling isn’t that hard. It takes some time to find out what is recyclable in your area. What can go in the curbside verses what you have to take to drop off center. What’s free and what has a fee. Then, just like brushing your teeth, make it a habit with everything you have. Before you throw it away take a few minutes to recognize what it is and how best to dispose of it.  Taking that couple of minutes to think about what you are about to throw away just might make you ask yourself if you needed it in the first place. The best thing we can do for the environment is to reduce our consumption…. consumption of everything. Next, reuse what you can and recycle the rest.